Saturday, October 4, 2008

Following the Times...

It's already beginning to feel like Christmas where I am...  But that's probably thanks to how little our weather changes throughout the year.  Today they've predicted rain, and having slept in, it just feels like a nice change of pace.  Something like Christmas.

But that's not what I was blogging about, or trying to.  I came to talk about...  Elections.
You know, those irritating every-four-year deals that turn even the best of friends into bloodthirsty enemies?  I'm talking about it because I'm tired of it.

It's all over the internet, almost every english-speaking country ragging it out amongst themselves about who's going to win and who should win and let's be as liberal as possible and let's beat up as many liberals as possible and why can't the US be socialist and why can't they just follow their constitution and why on earth would anyone vote for Palin and who in their right mind would want an extreme left wing in office and I am SO DOGGONE TIRED OF IT!  People, while they may not have been exactly nice to each other before, are so completely angry at everyone with differing views at election time, it drives me nuts.

You can see this in any forum, on any site, even on Twitter, for goodness' sake, and so many sites are slanted or biassed that it only makes things worse!  I can't wait for this to be over with.  I can't wait for people to stop feeling like they must debate every... single... issue.

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