Sunday, October 5, 2008

Digging up the Present

I've been going over my old blog, weeding out the stuff I don't want the public to see, making public the stuff that's important, and deciding what all basically should be worth keeping. And I've discovered that up until my 'friends-only' phase, my blog had been about my current Ex. Not partially about, not even mostly about, but just around 100% completely about him.
Now, I know technically 100% is impossible, but it sure came close, and that makes me realize just how... Oh, I don't know, how lame I am, maybe? Back then, I was boring. Now, I'm still boring. Guess what, when I go off to college/university/whatever my now-diverse audience wants to call it, I'm still gonna ba *gasp* boring. And, apparently, predictable.

...I wonder if that's everyone else's perception, or just mine. Often one's view of him- or herself is obfuscated, or at least different from the perception of others, so maybe... Maybe what I see in myself really isn't what's there.

How's that for being unnecessarily deep?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey there... your blog is terrific.

i can relate to this digging up esp knowing that someone is trailing behind me and checking out on every single breath I take.
see u around!