Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Cold, Three Essays and a Vlog

I'm still sick.  And I have finals tomorrow.  And three essays to write right now.  ...And I'm procrastinating.

I'm gonna start a vlog!!!  Maybe.  I'm really hopeful, though, because I might be able to convince meowspots (whose real name is NOT meowspots, but I don't really like divulging real names online because my parents don't like it and I don't like being punished by them) to do a vlog with just me and not with nockets as well...  Because if we include nockets, she'll be punished just about every time she participates.  And... then she'd leave.
She's not terribly dependable that way.

So I'm still debating who to draw, and I'm thinking maybe I could try to do a collage-montage...  haha that rhymed.
Ooh, that kind of makes me sound like a noob, doesn't it?  Or a quintessential blonde.  I'm not a blonde.  I might be a noob.
Anyway.  Drawing.  I really like following greg's blog because I like art blogs!!!  So...  Maybe that's what this should be.  Maybe eventually my scanner will stop being connected to the off-limits computer and start being connected to mine, and then I'll be able to put my artwork on here without so much hassle and fuss.

I like procrastinating, but I really should stop.


they call her buttercup said...

lol yes parents.. and procrastinating. well, looking forward to the drawing/montage or whatever your creative juices inspire you to do!

ANNIE said...

AWESOME. a vlog! I been wanting to start one myself, but haven't had the time to go any further than that... hope all goes well with it :) just dooo eeeet!

and yay more art. i like art blogs too.

ANNIE said...

d-d-dude. You've been tagged. Refer to my blog for more details and have a nice day peace out. yew!

Anonymous said...

procrastination ftw.
Nuff said.