Tuesday, September 30, 2008

See the Drawing? Lookit, it's there! Finally!

Well, well, well.  It's finished (finally).  Well, not finally, since it was done last thursday, but it's been scanned in finally.  Though, I hate the quality our scanner gave it, because it seems to like leaving a lot a lot a LOT of shading out, which both irks and terrifies me because I'll never get any portraits put on my computer correctly.  All right, not to worry, I have a wacom pad!!!
No, I guess it isn't the same, is it?

Alright.  No, this is not an excuse for vanity.  teehee.  It's an excuse for the excercising of my artistic abilities!!!  I actually was tutored by a portrait artist while I drew this, which was pretty darn cool.
I'm so lame, even my colorful vocabulary is dull.  >.<
Anywho, I promised I'd post this, and here it is, so now I get to email the guy (apparently) and let him know.


RoboFillet said...

Aaaah this is sooo cool! You're incredibly talented. It kind of reminds me of something out of that movie Labyrinth, which makes it even more awesome ^_^

Oh yeah and I am now stalking this blog and your Twitter. I hope you don't mind.

Jesse said...

Wonderful job! I have the same problem with my scanner so I do a lot of digital art. Never the less I think the way it scanned in adds to the picture.


ANNIE said...

Hey, I'm just a random but I think you did an awesome job on this =] so I thought I'd leave a comment anyway and tell you. I'm really impressed with the hair, mainly because I'm terrible at it.

Really sucks about your scanner not giving it what it's worth. I still think scanners are the shiz nizz though ;)