Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Foot-in-Mouth Disease

I think I come across as heartless or uncaring by the things I say.  I really don't mean to...  Well, most of the time.
But I guess it's something I ought to work on.
See, I found an old friend on facebook (gasp, shocking, I know), and I realized that out of the three friends he had on fb that were from our middle school, I was the only one whose profile picture was not of a dog.  So I mentioned it to him.
And then I realized that those two people were in cahoots and both of their dogs died recently, so they were putting their dogs' pictures up in rememberance.
I dunno, it felt about the same as sitting in church and saying something that I had no idea was terribly wrong until everyone turns to stare at me.  That has happened before.  But then earlier today, I watched as someone ran up the street a little strangely and I mentioned it to my mom, and then she pointed out how the woman had a mechanical leg.
Open mouth, switch feet?

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ANNIE said...

ahhh yes, I have a similar problem where I don't really think before I talk... it sucks sometimes...

But seriously, I reckon most people prefer it if you are blunt but truthful then when you just say what they wanna hear. Most of the time anyway :p