Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Cold, Three Essays and a Vlog

I'm still sick.  And I have finals tomorrow.  And three essays to write right now.  ...And I'm procrastinating.

I'm gonna start a vlog!!!  Maybe.  I'm really hopeful, though, because I might be able to convince meowspots (whose real name is NOT meowspots, but I don't really like divulging real names online because my parents don't like it and I don't like being punished by them) to do a vlog with just me and not with nockets as well...  Because if we include nockets, she'll be punished just about every time she participates.  And... then she'd leave.
She's not terribly dependable that way.

So I'm still debating who to draw, and I'm thinking maybe I could try to do a collage-montage...  haha that rhymed.
Ooh, that kind of makes me sound like a noob, doesn't it?  Or a quintessential blonde.  I'm not a blonde.  I might be a noob.
Anyway.  Drawing.  I really like following greg's blog because I like art blogs!!!  So...  Maybe that's what this should be.  Maybe eventually my scanner will stop being connected to the off-limits computer and start being connected to mine, and then I'll be able to put my artwork on here without so much hassle and fuss.

I like procrastinating, but I really should stop.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excuses, excuses...

I am alive, I've just been sick.
Very sick.
The kind of sick that makes you stay home wrapped in a blanket with a mug of tea in your hands.  Yeeeeah.  That kind of sick.  It has something to do with the wind.
Honestly, I think I'm just allergic to moving air.  Whenever the winds come, I get sick like this.

ANYWAY.  I think I'm going to draw someone else.
NOT for fame.  Just for fun.  And I like seeing people get all happy when they know they've had a portrait done.  Of them.  I dunno who to draw, though.  Guess I'll go filter through youtube and get distracted some more...

So, that was a poor excuse for not posting lately, but it's an excuse all the same.  Hope you like excuses, because that's...  kind of what I wrote.

I think I'll be sane later in the week, and I'll post something intelligible then.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Foot-in-Mouth Disease

I think I come across as heartless or uncaring by the things I say.  I really don't mean to...  Well, most of the time.
But I guess it's something I ought to work on.
See, I found an old friend on facebook (gasp, shocking, I know), and I realized that out of the three friends he had on fb that were from our middle school, I was the only one whose profile picture was not of a dog.  So I mentioned it to him.
And then I realized that those two people were in cahoots and both of their dogs died recently, so they were putting their dogs' pictures up in rememberance.
I dunno, it felt about the same as sitting in church and saying something that I had no idea was terribly wrong until everyone turns to stare at me.  That has happened before.  But then earlier today, I watched as someone ran up the street a little strangely and I mentioned it to my mom, and then she pointed out how the woman had a mechanical leg.
Open mouth, switch feet?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Digging up the Present

I've been going over my old blog, weeding out the stuff I don't want the public to see, making public the stuff that's important, and deciding what all basically should be worth keeping. And I've discovered that up until my 'friends-only' phase, my blog had been about my current Ex. Not partially about, not even mostly about, but just around 100% completely about him.
Now, I know technically 100% is impossible, but it sure came close, and that makes me realize just how... Oh, I don't know, how lame I am, maybe? Back then, I was boring. Now, I'm still boring. Guess what, when I go off to college/university/whatever my now-diverse audience wants to call it, I'm still gonna ba *gasp* boring. And, apparently, predictable.

...I wonder if that's everyone else's perception, or just mine. Often one's view of him- or herself is obfuscated, or at least different from the perception of others, so maybe... Maybe what I see in myself really isn't what's there.

How's that for being unnecessarily deep?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Following the Times...

It's already beginning to feel like Christmas where I am...  But that's probably thanks to how little our weather changes throughout the year.  Today they've predicted rain, and having slept in, it just feels like a nice change of pace.  Something like Christmas.

But that's not what I was blogging about, or trying to.  I came to talk about...  Elections.
You know, those irritating every-four-year deals that turn even the best of friends into bloodthirsty enemies?  I'm talking about it because I'm tired of it.

It's all over the internet, almost every english-speaking country ragging it out amongst themselves about who's going to win and who should win and let's be as liberal as possible and let's beat up as many liberals as possible and why can't the US be socialist and why can't they just follow their constitution and why on earth would anyone vote for Palin and who in their right mind would want an extreme left wing in office and I am SO DOGGONE TIRED OF IT!  People, while they may not have been exactly nice to each other before, are so completely angry at everyone with differing views at election time, it drives me nuts.

You can see this in any forum, on any site, even on Twitter, for goodness' sake, and so many sites are slanted or biassed that it only makes things worse!  I can't wait for this to be over with.  I can't wait for people to stop feeling like they must debate every... single... issue.