Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please keep the internet away from me... Please???

I feel like I should highlight on one of the little 'issues' mentioned in my last post.
Because I am addicted to the YouTube community (and very much a wallflower when it comes to vlogs, thanks to my mom's rules...  ahem), I do not have 'big' issues getting essays in on time...  Not even 'major' issues getting essays in on time.  I have seriously mind-boggling issues with getting essays in on time.
It does not, repeat DOES NOT, take 4 hours to write 700 words.  And yet, today I am inexplicably drawn to, well, draw.
Thanks to twitter.
No thanks to my homework.
See, to line it all up just right, I shot a glance at twitter while trying to work (sort of), saw that someone drew rohan, and was all, "oooh okay, let's procrastinate some more."  I looked.
Got inspired.
Started drawing, you guessed it, same person.  It will be posted here shortly after I'm done if it's to my liking.
But, see, I've been doing that instead of my government essay all day today.  And my essay kind of proves that.  I'm only up to about 400 words...  And I usually hit over the maximum word limit early on.  And there's my sketchbook, next to my folders, calling out my name, telling me to keep drawing, because pencils and paper are the loves of my life.
And now, to top it off, I'm blogging about being addicted to procrastinating by watching/reading YouTube vloggers' blogs, twitters, and channels.
Thank you world, I think I won some kind of award today.

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