Saturday, September 20, 2008


Uhm...  Scratch that, I haven't posted a thing since... since... since...  since I found all of robofillet's stuff, actually.  Kept me occupied for a while.
Soooo...  I have another blog.  I mentioned that before.  And I have a friend on there, he always reads said blog (or at least makes out that he does).  That one I always post to (because of said friend), unless (of course) I'm too busy watching *cough* robofillet, littleradge, or hayley g hoover.
Consequentially, I have serious issues getting my essays in on time.
Now, with that said, I actually am in the middle of making applesauce.  Seriously.


RoboFillet said...

Haha! Glad I could be such a distraction ;)


Nanalew said...

i wish you'd post your youtube channel so i could stalk you further.

Shinsei said...

I would if I had an active youtube account. I took down all my videos because I was almost caught by my parents. *cough* Buuuut... I'm working on a stealth account, and if it goes anywhere I'll put the link up.